Placebo 2

by Ronin705

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A therapeutic and experimental approach to the music as I take my leave. Quick 40 minutes, hopefully you enjoy.


released March 13, 2015

Recorded at: Jay Downz, and Beat & Broken Records
Mixed By: Jay Downz
Extra Vocals: Bradley Logan ("Hyper")



all rights reserved


Ronin705 Greater Sudbury, Ontario

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Track Name: Wanna Go
Verse 1:
The lady of life killer of the mundane
Hit her up cuz she known to take away pain
In this crazy world ony one who makes me stay sane
But effect so me so bad she went straight to my brain//
Apple of my eye my little bottle neck
Stayin so cool but im love i gotchu wet
rockin sweat, and we aint done much talkin yet
or even get me ready when im rockin sets
And aint never worry bout nuttin.. thats cool
I can kick wit my bud while checkin out this draft pool
Loyal to you only but if i really have to
Or be stuck know i can check up on the bitch papbst blue//
But never O-E, that chick's like 0-3
Who keeps me sick to my stomach so she wont know me
Girl you usedta bitter now u tastin so sweet
So the thought of givin u up really gives me cold feet//

Verse 2:
Lovin' how we fuss then we fine again
cuz u be sweeter than corona wit the lime within
So u gotta make it work
Make all these chicks start lookin green like they be heineken//
Hope u aint wade barrett comin wit the bad news
but 'stead chillin like a case of labatt blue
Get in that mood..
To rock to the night or maybe go get some stupid tattoos//
Ha ha.. Swear im boutta sail the moon
on that siren song that'll ail my wounds
get the vibes while playin tunes
s'why im not worried no other im trailing soon//
Not even o-E that chick's like 0-3
Who drove me fuckin wild so she dont know me
You usedta be so bitter now u tastin so sweet
But not shot gunnin, its givin cold feet//

Verse 3:
..Spending time with no clock
atcho' spot, takin down cold shots
And dont stop even if we hear the door knock
cuz fuck a lil case know we got the whole box!!//
..First sight love, you right in the store
nevermind superficial we went right to the coors
..But that's right of course, you stuck playin stoosh
While i got the game right , got straight to the busch//
.. Know you got the ex man, couple nate greys
Couple haters gainst you, who wann' nay-say
That's okay babe
Cuz They doin that when we on a beach in J-A//
But not wit O-E, that chicks like 0-3
Who aint the worst but chill she still dunno me
you usedta be so bitter now you tastin so sweet
but NOt doin this keg it gives me cold feet//
Track Name: "Bad" Girl
Verse 1:
This young girl.. wanted so much more outta life
All the fame, and the glamour, fuck overty right??
Turned all men to old men for the samsung lights
Got the ballers, callers, even handsome types//
Man, whatever is whatever, never cheap all designer
Fuck with niggas daily, then others sleep beside her
Stay with the lies OG's goin' provide her
She think that these "riders" like her, might wife her//
But they know her role; a ho who choke bread
So instead, throw dough for some chum and dope head
Cuz to them... She the monorail
And yall know well, the way karma sail//
For the prada bags, and the stacks of shoes
She keeps actin blue, and just scraps to crew
Running 'round up north with the crack in tube
top, 'cuz that blue drop s'what she's after dude//

Hips and breasts, to go along with the quest,
To make it up to the top of the gloooooooobe
Hell yes, you'll be dealing with stress,
But you'll be lucky if she's dropping that rooooooobe

So as long as you ready to go
Be a small bit part of HER show, then just know
she's a.. "Bad Bad Girl"

Verse 2:
She got tired of the "riders", they pockets bare
Now she goin' be hood rich in the market square
Turned all men , to old men for the pocket gear
Say "Hello fresh suits, goodbye Rocawear!!"//
She's not stopping there.. she like Dolemite
for the rocks in ear, she sell her soul at night
And people gawk and stare, like she the trophy wife
Who leave him like Nas screaming, "SHORTY OWE ME ICE!!!"
Took his summer home, income, and assets
The heart's torn apart and the loss is massive
He gotta break her off every month that passes
And gotta save his crumbs while this ho can stack chips//
She's played the game before, 3 niggas the average
Prenup mo'fuckah 'cuz the trap is marriage
Got you thinking big with the horse and carriage
Just to realize she a ho with baggage//


Verse 3:
Every lie she told, Every nigga she played
Took a mighty toll, S'like she withered away
And get her to say "I love you", you better to stray
So her heart never settles, just live in the grey//
But how she getting this way??
Gotta check in her past
Mom stayed strung out, Dad's whipping her ass
Every day in the corner with tears sitting in class
So her heart got colder every christmas that passed//
No fairy tale ending, No end to her rainbow
Everything that is mentioned, probably make the pain grow
She's a claimed "HO"
got a few niggas who say so,
She on the payroll, when it comes to fellatio!!//
All for the pesos, glitz, and rocks
She gave niggas facial, tits, and twat
She stay claimin faithful, love you alot
But then you spotting that ass in another man's drop!!//

Track Name: M.F.L.S
This a mo'fuckin love song (x8, sing songy after 4)

Check it..
jack was the man, calm collected and cool
Nice dude most popular in his school
Honor roll, and naieve never known to be cruel
Til he met Jill, now he breaking the rules//
Puppy love, the ol' "you better hang up
first type"
Or ma's sleep if she catch us need a nurse type
Was so nervous on the first night
But didnt sweat it cuz he aint wanna come off as
the thirst type//
Ungh.. Til the time he got his first lay
They turned to rabbits want each other in the worst way
Inseparable.. Together on christmas,
easter, anniversaries, even birthdays//
.. Like I said, Jack's winter cool
In life's deep end, strongest swimmer in the pool
Til He left one weekend, was creepin
caught cheatin now he seein that he been a fool//

This a mo'fuckin love song (x8, sing songy after 4)

See they..
Both took it bad, both needin a crutch

Jack be turnt up, Jill needin her drugs

got the memories that last, so when couple years pass
Wasnt nuttin when each other they go see in the club//
Ungh.. Jack's workin there as security
Jill's wit her girlfriends, one just turned 33
Was lookin good certainly,
so jack say "fuck it aint no way ima let this chick
be curvin me!!"//
..on impossible mission
complete, stayed sincere when apologies given
on bottles each sippin
With good talk, got em feelin might still be possibly smitten//
..All night only person either's speakin to
..Before you know it now they see it's 2
Jill took the shot asks whacha doin now??
Jack replied "im not sure but i know im boutta leave witchu"//

.. Cuz this a mo'fuckin love song
.. Said this a mo'fuckin love song
.. This a mo'fuckin love song

Yeah, Yeah bring the hook in

(singing + rapping)
.. Cuz this a muuuhhh'fuggin looove sooooong
.. Said this a muhhh' fuggin looove soooong
.. This a muuhh' fuggin looove sooong

This a mo'fuckin love song (x8, sing songy after 4)

They stayed true, always fought for progression
Had couple seeds , jah offered the blessings
But that changed with one phone call
Jill's doctor broke the news: the cancer's not in remission//
Tried to keep a game face wit a poor disguise
Jack blown away All sorts surprised
In his mind she a goddess be immortalized
To seein her waste away to nuttin right before his eyes//
..As Jill's fadin to black
Jack whispers to her "my heart's achin and cracked
I been a scumbag to you, no mistakin in that
Too many times i did you wrong, aint no takin it back
But for you manned up, now w husband and wife
Gave me happiest days and the cussin and strife
Ijust wanna letchu u know, ill never letchu go
So til we meet again you'll always be the love of my life"//

A ghetto love is the law that we live by
I hope I never gotta wonder why you hadta die
Send a kiss to my ghetto princess everyday
give it up to my shorties (x2)
Track Name: Zenith
This I was waitin for my whooole life
Went from darkest times and now its lookin so bright
Sorry ma you gotta know thatcha gotta let me go
girl i promise ill be alright!!
Yeah... Take ya love and blessins wit me
And wit my crew on deck no one's messin wit me
If its me thatcha goin go believe in
I promise you ima reach my zenith!!

Verse 1:
..Watch the chips of my past fall
to see im not like you dudes sweatin chicks when it be last call
and (I) keep my feet to the asphalt
cuz i aint goin back to feelin ma's touch only through glass walls//
...peep the truest-flow with the band's musicals
seein all squeezies and traps from damn-groupie-hoes
But TOO focused so when thinkin of brooklyn
Im thinkin rockin spots not a fox ya man used-to-know//
Alot of nonsense but constant stay poignant-wit-pen-flu
And never joinin the sinful
cuz then ill be like old arcades need the coin to continue//
...Yee im bout my bid'ness..
Gonna be the alpha male fighting off these young lions you
can count-the-simbas
And get the crowned-delivered
you clowns'll-shiver cuz I'm chillin like zeus at the top of mount olympus//why!?

This I was waitin for my whooole life
Went from darkest times and now its lookin so bright
Baby Ma you gotta know thatcha gotta let me go
girl i promise ill be alright!!
Yeah... Take ya love and blessins wit me
And wit my crew on deck no one's messin wit me
If its me thatcha goin go believe in
I promise you ima reach my zenith!!

Verse 2:
Keep friends within my circle close
Cuz certain folks
who u dont really know be the type to go and hurt you most
and serpent jokes you know im murkin most
See the rest do suicide soon-as-I spit the verses-dope
..Want no apologies
from worms years ago said they remoreless with lobotomies
Fraud like they mob's deep
But all I see's a buncha pretty thugs aint none o' yall prodigies//
..So really? Diss my shine
Then see my crew's alien to wack reside in district 9
We grown men around misfit minds
So go throw a bow or shot indirect im never pissed im fine//
Naw..I got the globe-in-my-palm
So stay on the warpath in my lane im strolling-along
and that's the road-to-success controllin-my-steps
took my toll-from-the-stress still my soul goin'-confess//that..


..So if it's me yall believe in..
"Promise yall Ima reach my Zenith"
Said in 7-0 yall believe in..
"Promise yall Ima reach my Zenith" *crowd effect*
If it's Big Nickel you believe in..
"Promise yall we goin reach the zenith" *crowd effect*
If in hip hop you believe in..
"Promise it ima reach the Zenith"

Verse 3:
..So on my back know im havin-a-load
To rep the hometown proper when i travel-the-road
To reach the zenith high point no nappin-or-slow
-in down jus show the crowd no one's crackin-the-code
of how us Suds spitter have spectacular-shows
packin-the-rows for the hot venacular-flows
really just be askin-ya-folk
R-O you cant touch he stay taskin-for-gold/yooo..

Track Name: God Like Left
Ronin Verse:

what I design in a trace or a sequence
Construct's what I bet has your faces as speechless
And be my excalibur when I'm facing my demons//
Ungh.. S'like I'm slated ta'
Deal with the certain burden of what cause to be greater for
'Cuz too many true frauds
Feeling like they're New Gods
When I'm Jack Kirby, be the one who created ya'//
So god like, passion infinite
matched with a cynic
mind who stays smashing a limit
From my palm, light bombs, en masse in a minute
Dishing out the rock of truth, like I'm Nash with a pivot//
UNGH.. See I aint likened to quiet
S'more like, what I script be inciting a riot
So Thanos glove, know i wear it now
So all reality I'm building up, Know just as fast boy I tear it down//
Yeah.. so stay vicious with the crosses
You bitches better listen, if you diss us then it's coffin
So miss me with that boss shit, I hard snipe Death
If you think you fucking with me or my god like Left//
Blaq Roche
Track Name: "Hyper"
Verse 1:
school said im crazy
doc medicates me
put me in the buildin like a villain cuz im crazy
where staff tryna rape me
needle sedate me
touch me again, you'll be pushin up daisies//
Know mad chicks shady
Prolly got rabies
foam at the mouth how im killin shit crazy
lyricist, spittin realest shit fuck a critic
and the gimmicks i be killin shit daily//
singing out....
Murdah... Hear the voice of the savior
Murdah... Watch me dead another hater..
Murdah... You dont even know rage bruh..
Murdah... PSYCHOOOO (garbled/warped)
Been low on myself
not growing the wealth
Feel like my hurricane life
where i murder gang mics
Gotchu like Fema all slow on the help
So im lumped up but still roll wit the welts//
Crazy plus me be the best of math
Got the shit type past to attest to that
got scripts-for-that but stay
cooked like method labs until the last breath i have//
.. Tend to laugh at doom
While im mapped through the path of ruin
And in fact I be packin soon
For that first class latch to the padded room//
Swear it's boutta happen soon.. no numbin the pain
the meds add up to nuttin in the sum n the gains
so walk wit the curse and run wit the shame
Show the venom and the serum's one in the same//

In this world full of madness
As far I can see
Why am I singled out??
Why do I seem creazy??
Cuz I get "Hyper" (x4)

Verse 2:
When I hear haters throw shots??
Put they soul up with 'Pac
They aint holding my jock
Boutta' fold on the spot
Whether knowing or not
Boot soles getchu' clocked
Pay the toll for the talk//
I've known from a tot
That I'd pack rows, many shows I'ma rock
But i usedta' crack skulls street roaming alot
'Round a bunch of assholes keep scoping for cops//
Hoping I'm not, playing 'ccomplices
Matter fact jack, tried the opposite
Was a funny lil' nigga stayed poppin shit
Often not following the doc prescripts//
Doing bonkers shit, Monstrous
'Til the time where the mind's pushed off the cliff
Lost my best friend at ten depression
Quests and sets in, what it spawns is sick//
The response is THIS... R to the O
author you know, that'll carve in a hole
in ya heart and your soul, if you're starting a war
tear apart, and dearly departing ya crew//
Pause for a few, while crushing a blue
pill mixed with a pink so it fucks with the true
state of mind, cuz i often I do
See the bigger picture then get lost in the view//
But I'm scorching you dudes, with dynamite
kinda snipe, any in my line of sight
Cuz my vision is kinda like
A whole lotta' fucking jack and little bit of china white//
.. I'm a monster guy
'Round me cross T's, better dot your I's
'Cuz I been done lost my mind
I'm Mr Placebo On my...HIIIIIIGH!!!//
Track Name: Tear It Down
When I go starta' Hear the croooowd
I..get so hype I can hear it louuudd
Goin hard til we clear em outt

Ronin Verse:
Peter piper picked peppers and I rock lines
Grind hard, got shine, (to) make some knock mine
Swine-frauds on-pine, wanna ride jock-fine
We line-stars wit fine bars who dont do the soft grind//
..So Getcha battle-axes-and-maces
Amd in the field of war get relaxed-wit-a-face-lift
Then bring it back to the basics
while I send you home when I'm sayin thachu' wack to ya faces//
..Ro Spit the best, aint known to disgrace
I rep the 7-0-5 boy, home o' the greats
Wit new jacks and vets roamin the states
So know if we start a war, aint no Trojan Escape//
Til god's closin the gates, get serious-bread
And make yall respect RO, start fearin-the-dread
Until you peers see-it clear that i'm merely-ahead
Of you sucka mo'fuckers cuz i tear-'em-to-shreds//